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For Endoscopic Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Release

The next generation endoscopic release system

The STRATOS is a sterile packaged, all-in-one disposable for endoscopic carpal and cubital tunnel release. The device is compatible with any 4mm, 30' arthroscope and requires no additional capital investment.


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STRATOS has raised the endoscopic bar with its best-in-class clear cannula, efficient design and innovative safety features. Scroll down to learn more

OR Efficiency

- Sterile packaged, single-use disposable

- No additional instrumentation needed from A.M. Surgical

- Compatible with any 4mm, 30' arthroscope

Features & Benefits:

STRATOS is a disposable, sterile packaged system requiring no additional instrumentation


- Clear cannula for unparalleled visualization of anatomy


- Independent scope/cannula operation offers additional visual confirmation along the length of the cannula 

- Patented scope-mounting knife prevents superficial tissue from prolapsing into the field of view during release

Watch Now

Watch Now

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See how the patented scope-mounting knife prevents superficial tissue from prolapsing into the field of view


- Minimally invasive - faster recovery/return to work

- Tapered cannula to displace and protect vital anatomy 

- Distal or proximal uniportal approach to match surgeon preference. (Applicable to ECTR)

- STATIC cannula protects anatomy throughout procedure

- Intuitive design puts surgeon in control of every step

Tapered cannula tip displaces and protects anatomy throughout the procedure.

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