for metacarpal fracture fixation

The SECURE Retrograde Screw System offers surgeons a simple, reliable and cost effective option for the treatment of a variety of metacarpal fractures.

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Features & Benefits:

  • Minimally invasive approach 

  • Early ROM and return to ADL

  • Extended screw lengths (35-60mm) to capture proximal diaphysis without marked countersinking 

  • Tapered T8 driver minimizes potential for articular cartilage injury

  • Differential screw pitch facilitates reduction of axially stable diaphsyeal fractures without over-compression


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Ordering Information:

Part          Description: 

#6300-K  SECURE SCREW, Starter Kit (1 ea. of 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60mm screw)

#6300-11-35K  SECURE SCREW, 35mm length, 5 pack

#6300-11-40K  SECURE SCREW, 40mm length, 5 pack

#6300-11-45K  SECURE  SCREW, 45mm length, 5 pack

#6300-11-50K  SECURE SCREW, 50mm length, 5 pack

#6300-11-55K  SECURE SCREW, 55mm length, 5 pack

#6300-11-60K  SECURE SCREW, 60mm length, 5 pack


Part          Description: 

#6301  SECURE SCREW 2.0 Cannulated Drill Bit

#6302  SECURE SCREW Tapered T8 Cannulated Driver Handle

#6303  SECURE SCREW Sterilization Cassette

#6304  SECURE SCREW T8 Driver

Screws - Sterile Packaged


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