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For Endoscopic Carpal and Cubital Tunnel Release

The RETRA is a sterile packaged, all-in-one disposable for endoscopic carpal and cubital tunnel release. It's the first device to offer an actuating blade capable of cutting in a retrograde or antegrade direction. 



- Disposable system requiring no additional instrumentation

- "Static" cannula to prevent subluxation of pertinent anatomy

- Clear cannula for enhanced endoscopic visualization

- Compatible with a Stryker 4mm, 30° arthroscope

- Actuating blade cuts retrograde of antegrade


The RETRA features an omnidirectional, actuating blade capable of cutting in an antegrade or retrograde direction. 


The RETRA is an all-in-one disposable system requiring no additional instrumentation. 


Product Document: (click image to download)

Product Document
Ordering RETRA

Ordering Information:

*RETRA is currently compatible with a STRYKER 4mm, 30° arthroscope

Part             Description

#5500-SR   RETRA ​Endoscopic Release System - Single Disposable

#5500-R     RETRA Endoscopic Release System - Box of 5

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