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A non-spanning, cross-pin fixator for distal radius fractures

The CPX offers surgeons a simple and effective solution to treat non-displaced and displaced fractures of the distal radius.  

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The CPX is available in titanium and carbon fiber and comes sterile packaged with a tightening tool. The device is compatible with 0.062" k-wires. 


Features & Benefits:

Minimally Invasive Alternative

If you can reduce it, you can use it. 

The CPX offers a minimally invasive alternative to the plate for fractures that can be manually reduced. The device is indicated for the treatment of displaced reducible extraarticular fractures and non-displaced and displaced, reducible intraarticular fractures of the distal radius. 

Ease of Use

The CPX's intuitive design makes it simple to apply. Drive up to six 0.062" k-wires freehand (3 distal and 3 proximal) and the variable angle connectors will do the rest. Simply separate the device into two, slide the k-wires through the CPX, merge the device and tighten. 

Great Patient Outcomes

Patients respond well to the CPX due to it's minimal invasive nature. A quick recovery and return to work and daily living is expected. Patients are encouraged to do early range of motion exercises and the device is removed in 5 to 6 weeks.

Clinically Proven

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Ordering Information:

Part               Description: 

#8800-81K   Carbon Fiber CPX Kit (Includes CPX and Tightening Tool, Sterile Packaged)

#8800-90K   Titanium CPX Kit (Includes CPX and Tightening Tool, Sterile Packaged)

#8800-51     CPX Tightening Tool 

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