A Mini-Open Approach With A Scope-Assisted Release.

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release

When it comes to safety and visualization, our endoscopic carpal tunnel release system is arguably the most logical system on the market. The technique was developed to incorporate the familiarity and distal exposure of a mini-open approach with the benefit of endoscopic visualization, release and post-operative recovery. The system offers a clear cannula (4mm or 2.7mm) for impressive 360° views and utilizes a patented scope-mounting blade to precisely release the transverse carpal ligament.

Features & Benefits:

Improved Surgeon Experience

  • Single-incision, distal approach for identification and protection of key distal anatomy
  • Mini-open in feel, with a scope-assisted release
  • Improved physician and facility reimbursement versus open CTR
  • Clear cannula offers unparalleled endoscopic visualization of the median nerve and ligament
  • Scope-mounting blade provides excellent visualization and precision while releasing the ligament

Improved Patient Recovery

  • Smaller incision with less pain
  • Early recovery and return to work compared to traditional open CTR

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